A new start…

I’ve blogged in the past and I’ve always wanted to continue with it, but after a good start and even a couple of attempts to get back into it, it quickly lost momentum. But now I’m back with a new blog and (hopefully) a fresh start.The Blogging Church

Why am I trying again? Reading Brian Bailey’s book The Blogging Church was my inspiration. It helped me with some of the “how” of blogging, but more importantly it helped me with the “why”. If I can keep the “why” in mind, I think my blogging experience can be more of what I had hoped for.

Check out the book, particularly if you are involved in church leadership, and learn how blogging can be one more tool to communicate with people both inside and outside your church.

At first, I imagine I’ll just be talking to myself (in yet another form!), but hopefully in time a few people will look in from time to time and it will become more of a conversation.



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2 responses to “A new start…

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you say when you talk to yourself!

  2. ddale

    It’s good to know someone is listening when I talk to myself!

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